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“A beautiful evocation of our natural heart space of clarity, peace and joy.” — Sharon Saltzberg, Vipassana teacher & author.

Sharon Wiener, Meditative Music, DzogchenBirdsong Sharon’s CD of meditative music, released in November 2008. It features a ‘Yogic Song’ (Song of the Vulture) from the Dzogchen tradition, a meditative arrangement of a Jewish prayer and Christian hymn, as well as 4 original meditative songs that were inspired by Dzogchen practice and mystical poetry. The songs are intended to take the listener into a state of presence, a spacious, relaxed and compassionate state of awareness. They feature arrangements and instrumental performances by Stu Goldberg, an award-winning composer, producer, arranger and keyboardist.

Sharon Wiener, Meditative Music, DzogchenBoundless was released in 2001, and contains original meditative songs inspired by present-day mystical poetry (Kavita, and Ron Ellis), as well as two famous Buddhist ‘prayers’ from the Dzogchen tradition.  Boundless features producer/arranger Hans Christian (of RASA) on cello and many other eastern instruments, as well as Shea Comfort on duduk, and Girish Gambira on mridangam and udu.

Sharon Wiener, Meditative Music, DzogchenOne Bright Pearl was released in 1997. It marked Sharon Wiener’s debut as a writer and singer of meditative songs that arose out of the experience of her Dzogchen meditation practice, as well as from the inspiration of medieval and modern mystical poetry. This first CD contains many songs for a cappella solo voice, as well as four songs that were arranged and accompanied by George Koller (from the Loreena McKennitt Band), playing sitar, sarod, esraj and bass.

“Thus, the bright pearl, existing just so and being beginningless, transcends changes in time and place. The whole universe is one bright pearl… The entirety is Brilliant Light, One Mind… Who can be anxious as to whether birth and death are or are not the bright pearl? Even if there is doubt and anxiety,they are the bright pearl… There is not a single activity or thought that is not the bright pearl…”
-Zen Master Dogen, (1238), from Francis H. Cook, ‘The Sound of Valley Streams: Enlightenment in Dogen’s Zen’ (Albany, N.Y.: State University of New York Press, 1989).